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Car Tips

Tips to keep your car in good shape:

Wash your car regularly – I’d recommend to do this at least once a month. Things like bugs, bird’s dropping, or limestone dripping do harm to the paint leaving permanent stains if not washed off in time. When the car is clean, all the moisture dries up quickly, but when it’s dirty, the moisture accumulates in dirty areas causing corrosion.

Rustproofing will be helpful for many reasons: it protects a car body from the rust, it protects electrical connectors and wires from the moisture, it protects the brake lines from corrosion (which is very important for safety reasons).

Why regular oil changes are so important? What will happen if I miss my oil change? Engine oil has limited life – after a certain point it starts losing lubricating qualities and carbonizes. Once it happens, the engine gets contaminated with carbon deposits or sludge (see the pic.) that significantly shorten engine’s life.

Most of batteries nowadays are maintenance free. All you check is battery terminals that shouldn’t be loose or corroded. Corroded battery terminals will cause all kinds of problems: blinking instrument lights, low charge, no-start, dim headlights, check engine and ABS malfunction light etc.

Also, if you see any acid leaks, cracks or any other damage – replace the battery. Acid leaking from the battery destroys everything underneath. For example on VW Golf it will be the fan control module located right under the battery.