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Engine Light Diagnostics In Riverside, CA

When something is wrong with one of your vehicle's parts, it can be hard to tell right off the bat. Luckily, our vehicles come equipped with a system of warning lights that alert us when something is wrong. Through our dashboard lights, our vehicle will show us which area of the car needs to be looked at. Whether you're looking for info for your Ford, Chevrolet, or another manufacturer, these dashboard lights have mostly universal appearances. 

However, sometimes it is not very obvious what this light is trying to tell us. One dashboard light that turns on when various parts are malfunctioning is the Check Engine light. If your Check Engine light turns on, it is a good idea to observe when the light turns on and if the light is flashing or steady. Generally speaking, a steady Check Engine light does not mean the issue is immediately urgent (although you should still get the issue checked out), but if the light is flashing, you should get your car checked at an auto repair shop immediately. If you are in Perris, California, Moreno Valley, California, Riverside County, California, Riverside, California, University of California, Riverside, or nearby, you can come to Autotech Auto Repair Service in Riverside. We can determine why your Check Engine light has turned on by performing a Check Engine light diagnostic and fix the issue efficiently and skillfully.

Here are some reasons your Check Engine light may have turned on:

Oxygen sensor failure: Your vehicle's oxygen sensor measures the amount of unburnt oxygen in its exhaust system. If this sensor fails, your engine will keep running but your vehicle will burn more fuel than usual.

Loose gas cap: If your Check Engine light turns on right after you've filled your tank with gas, it's likely that you just have a loose fuel cap or you forgot to screw it back on.

Catalytic converter failure: The catalytic converter turns the carbon monoxide produced during the combustion process into carbon dioxide. Getting regular oil changes will help keep the catalytic converter in shape. We at Autotech Auto Repair Service can take care of that for you, along with General Auto Repair and more.

Spark plug/ignition coil issues: An ignition coil generates electricity the spark plugs need to ignite the air and fuel mixture in your vehicle's cylinders. If you have a diesel vehicle, you do not have spark plugs or ignition coils.

Bad spark plug wires: Some signs of bad spark plug wires include idling, a noticeable drop in engine performance, and the Check Engine light turning on. If your spark plugs need to be replaced, you can get them from an auto parts store, or we at Autotech Auto Repair Service can replace them for you.

Mass airflow sensor failure: The mass air flow sensor monitors how much air enters the engine. If you are experiencing a rough idle or trouble starting, you can come to Autotech Auto Repair Service, so we can check out your mass airflow sensor and fix the problem.

What Are OBD II Trouble Codes?

On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, is a computer system in your vehicle's diagnostic system established in 1996 that monitors and identifies issues with your vehicle. When the OBD system identifies an issue, it turns on the Check Engine light and records an OBD trouble code. When you bring your vehicle to Autotech Auto Repair Service, we pull codes from the OBD system by plugging a code reader, or scan tool, into your vehicle's OBD port. These codes provide us with more information about the conditions the Check Engine light was under when it turned on, making it easier for us to identify what the issue is with your vehicle.

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We at Autotech Auto Repair Service in Riverside, CA 92507, are experts in all things auto repair. We've been fixing cars since 1992, and our certified technicians have decades of combined experience. We are one of the highest-rated auto repair shops in the area and can perform a multitude of services on your vehicle, including diagnostic services, General Auto Repair, and Fleet Service. 

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